Camden is a lovely town in the heart of north-west London. People flock here from all over the country and often around the world too. It has style, prestige and plenty of traders selling wares not found anywhere else.

However, it is very busy. Even pedestrians find the pavements are crowded and there’s seems to no room to amble or escape the masses. The hundreds of traders in the world-renown Camden Market own stock that barely fits onto the shelves.

Offices in the area are regular undergoing refurbishments and desks, chairs and general office furniture needs a home during the renovation period. The best self-storage service in the Camden area is at City Store.

City Store in Camden caters for business traders, office moves, domestic, household and students. That just about covers anyone and everyone. At the self-storage depot you can get easy access to your stock or belongings, a secure space where you know the goods will be safe and you will only pay for the days where the stock is in storage. So, there are no long term commitments or periods paid up front when you find you no longer need it.

City Store in Camden offers a great deal for those sitting on excess stock. But what about those in need to store personal belongings, such as household furniture and items awaiting movement into a new home?

Domestic and Household Storage Solutions

We often see people moving house, where the existing occupants have to remain until their new home becomes vacant. It can often lead to a temporary period of homelessness, while one tenant departs their home and waits to move in to their new property.

This transition period doesn’t just make them without a home but all their worldly possessions too. The furniture, clothing, linen, beds, carpets, gardening item, patio seats and personal effects will all need to find a place to be held. Often, this transition period is just a few days.

All of these domestic and household belongings will fit comfortably into the storage depot at Camden. Even if it is for a period of just two or three days. You will only pay for the days when your storage is in the depot.

There are no lengthy periods of contract. Meaning, the storage at City Store in Camden works like as sort of pay-as-you-go system.