A home that seems large when you first buy it may quickly become crowded when you have a growing family. You may add on children, pets, and other family members. For example, sometimes, grandparents move in. A talented builder can add space to your home, so you can accommodate all of the people you care about.


Children may not even need their own room when they are first born. The equipment for a baby, however, can quickly take over a home. Playpens, large toys, and strollers all must have a place to go. Exhausted parents may simply let things pile up in the living room. You may benefit from a room specifically for kids and their things. A game room or an extra bedroom can be a great solution as children grow up.


Grandparents are a cherished part of the family. They may need help with daily tasks as they get older. It is common for grandparents to move into the home with their children and grandchildren. This allows for better care and safety. You may need an extra bedroom, as well as a larger bathroom. Safety rails may also be a necessity in the bathroom, as well. Get the job done with a trusted building company in Basingstoke.

  • An extra bedroom or one that is more accessible
  • Safety features in a bathroom and space for a wheelchair
  • Proper flooring and large doorways

Home is where family comes together to care for each other. It is important that there is enough space for everyone to be comfortable. Kids may need more space to play or their own room for privacy. Elderly family members may need a room that is on the ground floor with larger door frames. Hire a quality builder to expand your home.