Construction sites are prone to many risks, including theft, and vandalism. For the past few years, theft in construction projects has been a growing problem, and contractors have lost billions of dollars.

This has raised the need to set up measures to tame it. Contractors need to learn how to stop leaving machines, equipment, and materials in the open.

Fortunately, there are several ways to keep your construction project safe. For instance, lighting, fencing, and installing wireless alarm systems and solar cameras from Newcastle security company could help protect your project from theft.

Hiring Security Guards

A well-guarded construction site scares unauthorized people and keeps them as far away as possible.

Qualified security guards are trained to spot flaws in security systems. They can track down intruders, chase, capture, and bring them to justice.

Some security firms for serious projects come with extra help. For example, security dogs can help make surveillance easier.

It would help if you considered hiring a trained guard to keep the site safe. If the project is big, consider hiring a security firm.

Installing Security Cameras

Sometimes security guards might not be enough to keep the site safe. They may cost more, leaving no option but to install surveillance cameras.

CCTV cameras should be placed in strategic points to monitor all the events at the site. Security cameras “see” a lot of what is going on around the area.

In case something goes missing, you can simply retrieve the CCTV footage and find out what happened.

Surveillance cameras should also be monitored if you want somebody to look out for everyone working at the site.

Install Proper Lighting

Many thieves are afraid of the light. Having a well-lit construction site could ward off intruders and trespassers. Install bright lights around the most important parts of the area.

But if you want to guarantee safety, you should consider having lights installed around the entire site. This will keep malicious people from breaking in, especially at night.

Solid Fencing

Most construction work occurs in plain daylight, and an open site could attract wanderers, trespassers, and unauthorized personnel.

Not only will they be exposed to risks, but the site will be an open market to thieves. Consider setting up a solid fence or perimeter with strong gates around the project to keep non-workers outside. If you are in a theft zone, consider putting in some extra security measures like barbed wire.

Lock up the Tools & Equipment

Tools like hammers, nails, saws, forklifts, and helmets should never be left in the open as this will expose them to damage from the weather and theft.

Always make sure that these tools are kept safe when they are not being used. Set aside a spare room with secure locks to store the tools in a safe place.

You could also assign somebody or a team to be held accountable for valuable tools. This will keep your site safer, and you will not be forced to buy new tools should they be stolen.

Scheduled Deliveries

A scheduled delivery ensures that materials get to the site early, especially during working hours.

It will also ensure that you do not have excess materials on the site. Always schedule a delivery with your supplier and have them bring materials in small and manageable portions before closure. This way, you will not experience any problem when storing these materials.

Risk Assessment & Internal Control Measures

Many times, we are tempted to think that theft comes from outsiders. However, the enemy might be within the system.

Theft does not necessarily arise from outsiders. Someone within the site or a person with access to the materials, funds, and equipment, might be actively sneaking resources without your knowledge.

Creating internal control measures such as setting accounting systems and procedures will reveal any discrepancies and risks of theft in the construction site.

Set Up a Warning Sign

Warning signs communicate a stern message to trespassers. A sign with clear words “Do Not Trespass” may be effective, but what if you want the audience to understand the weight of the message?

You could add a security firm logo to remind them who oversees the security in the site. Put signs where everyone can see so that there will be no excuse for trespassing.