Rattan Furniture

A less expensive option to heavy wood furnishings, rattan is popularly used both indoors and outdoors as a stylish furniture choice. In Dubai, accent rattan chairs have become an important item to bring cool vibe to a living space. Rattan chairs UAE collection features unique styles, including modern upholstered seats with curved rattan arms. Create a cozy corner in your living room with Papasan rattan chair. Ensuring your rattan chairs and furniture have a longer life, it’s best to maintain them so that they remain in pristine condition. Here are some important tips to keep your rattan furniture in top shape.

Gentle Cleaning & Brushing

Outdoor rattan furniture needs extra care due to weather conditions and dust. For routine cleaning, it’s best to vacuum the chairs and tables, ensuring that loose dust and dirt is removed. To keep the vine fiber from decaying, gently brush between the depths using toothbrush or any other soft brush.

Keep the Furniture Dry

It’s difficult to maintain outdoor rattan furniture, especially since its not easy to move it in and out everything there’s rain or severe heat. For your furniture’s longer life, dry it with a slightly damp cloth, using a mild cleaner for more effect. If the chairs or tables are wet make sure not to apply force or bend it as it can lose its shape.

Don’t Drag Rattan Furniture

While rattan furniture is not exactly delicate but it’s lightweight and can become loose from dragging and pushing. Always lift your rattan chairs or tables when you want to move them. This way you can avoid splitting the fiber.

Protect Rattan Furniture’s Feet

To prevent the base or feet of your furniture from decaying use felt pads or rubber at the base. This will not only increase the life of your furniture but also protect floors from scratch marks.

Rotate Outdoor Rattan Furniture

A natural material, rattan fibers can fade in harsh sunlight, so whenever possible rotate the furniture and move it away from direct heat. For added protection apply marine varnish to the piece and it lasts as long as two years. In case of fiber splitting, its recommended to apply oil to increase humidity in the furniture.

Add cushions for Comfort & to Protect Sagging

Rattan is a relatively softer material and with time weight can cause the seat to sag. One way to prevent that from happening is to add cushions on the seat and also at the back. This will also make your chair or sofa comfortable. Synthetic rattan furniture can last up to twenty years. Furniture and home décor shops like WoodGreen offer premium quality rattan furniture. They also offer the facility to buy furniture online Dubai by providing complete product details that make it easy to finalize your purchase.

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