Renovate Apartments

Whether you own an apartment or live in a rental, there are so many ways to renovate it without spending a lot of money. Are you looking to open up a small apartment or want to add more natural light to the space? No change has to be permanent or difficult to manage.

Planning & Understanding the Floor Plan

Never dive head first into anything and when you’re considering to redo your apartment, then its best to completely know your space. Which room gets the most sunlight, where you need to add space, which part of the apartment needs thorough maintenance – a homeowner must know all of these things. It’s also important to understand which things fall into DIY category and when you need to hire professional help. If you’re opting for extravagant makeover then it’s best to hire expert apartment renovation Dubai services. There are many renowned companies like WoodGreen that offer renovation and remodeling services.

Optimize Your Space

If you live in a small apartment then open up space with less furniture and add mirrors to make the living area look bigger. Place mirrors on the opposite wall of window to reflect light and make the room look brighter. Remove visually heavy furniture and invest in light tapered legs. A neutral sofa will lighten up the space and add character to your living room with round edges, curves, and beautiful details. Avoid using dark or heavy drapes as they will block light. Choose pale shades with subtle patterns so that the area retains its flow of light.

Add New Floors for a Fresh Look

The flooring in any interior space sets the tone of the décor, color scheme, and the overall look of the room. If you decide to give the floor a complete makeover then consult the experts at WOODGreen UAE as they have plenty of options. Without getting out of your budget, go for affordable options like vinyl, laminate, or ceramic tile. If you’re not looking to spend a lot of money then vinyl flooring is recommended. Its available in plenty of shades and you can choose one that will make your apartment look bigger. Laminate flooring is easy to install and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. If your budget allows it then go for designer ceramic floor tiles, hardwood flooring, or natural stone flooring. Carpets and rugs are also an affordable way to enhance the look of your apartment.

Create Defined Zones

Decorative elements like accent chairs and tables, rugs, shelves, and artwork can help create zones in your apartment. It works well with both small and big apartments. By defining zones you are limiting clutter and making the space more comfortable.

Open Up the Kitchen

Instead of settling for a smaller kitchen, knock down some wall and opt for open kitchen. Either make it the centerpiece of your apartment or designate a corner for personalized space. Connect it with your living room by adding stylish high chairs and bar stools.

Before you decide to tear down your apartment for renovations, consult experts who will guide you better and help in making informed decisions.

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