If you want to keep your home in top condition and avoid paying for expensive repairs, you need to take roof maintenance seriously. Having your roof inspected by a team of qualified professionals every five years comes highly recommended, even if your home is brand new.

Experienced roofers in Fleet can assess the condition of your roof and repair small problems before they spiral out of control. Here are just some issues they can prevent from arising in the first place:

  • Damp

If water can penetrate your roof, you’ll likely spot signs of damp on your walls, ceilings and in your loft, which indicate you need urgent repairs.

  • Mould and mildew growth

If damp areas are neglected for too long, mould may make a habitat out of your home. Mould not only looks unsightly but can also be harmful to your health.

  • Gutter problems

Loose debris from problematic roofs can lead to blocked gutters, which requires a professional’s touch to rectify.

  • Sky-high energy bills

If heat can escape through your roof easily, your home will become less energy-efficient, forcing you to use your heating system more often than necessary.

  • Structural issues

In severe situations, faulty roofs can compromise the structural integrity of your entire home.

As mentioned above – the best way to make sure you never have to deal with such problems is to have your roof inspected by a team of qualified professionals at least once every five years. Just make sure you choose an experienced company that guarantees to check every nook and cranny of your roof.