People with mobility issues have many obstacles to overcome, and even a simple thing like going to the bathroom can be a real challenge. Public facilities have greatly improved for disabled people, with toilets for the disabled in most locations, yet if a disabled person does not have a specially modified bathroom at home, life can be difficult.

Special Bathroom Modifications

There are no off-the-shelf solutions when looking to make a bathroom more disabled friendly, and with expert disabled adaptations in Bristol from an established specialist company, the bathroom can be designed around the occupant.

Amendments such as:

  • Installing a disabled toilet
  • Adding handrails where necessary
  • Preparing for wheelchair access
  • Installing walk-in baths and showers

The supplier of this equipment would design and install the right components that make using the bathroom a much safer experience, and for those with mobility issues, there are many factors to take into account, such as non-slip flooring and support handrails.

Designed Around the User

There are many different ability levels for those with mobility issues, and it is only by discussing these needs with a professional disabled bathroom specialist, that the ideal environment can be created. The goal is always to make using the bathroom more convenient and a to provide the disabled person with a safer experience, and once the design has been agreed upon, the provider would get to work.

The best way to modify a bathroom for a disabled person is to call in a specialist company who have the know-how and experience in creating safer bathrooms for those with mobility issues.