Summer is on its way, yet again, and while your thoughts turn to lazy afternoons with ice cold drinks, there is a great way to bring your garden into your lounge, which is take out that dining room window and replace it with a set of bespoke bi-fold doors.

Range of Exciting Designs

Whether you are looking for bi-fold doors in Harrogate or York, there are specialist suppliers who can match with your existing surrounds. The range of materials include;

  • Aluminium
  • UPVC
  • Hardwood timber

The units would be double glazed for the best insulation, and if you have already installed double glazing, the supplier can match your existing windows, so the doors will not look out of place.

Make your Terrace Fully Accessible

Having a pair of bi-folding doors installed allows to open them fully, and with added fly screens. You can reap the benefit of leaving them open and insects will not invade your home. There are no off-the-shelf solutions, as the doors are fabricated to perfectly for the opening, and with security locking, no intruder would bother trying to gain access.

Boost your Property Value

Making an improvement such as bi-fold doors will see the value of your property increase substantially, and should you ever wish to relocate, a quick sale is virtually assured. Talk to a local supplier and you might be surprised at how affordable these doors are, and with a professional installation, you can expect to receive a long warranty on both product and workmanship.