One Belvedere resident thought that her furnace was not working, even though she had it installed new several years ago. That is because she felt draughts in the house and noticed that the furnace kicked on more times than what she considered normal.

However, her problem was not the furnace. It was her windows. Her single-paned windows caused her furnace to work more and therefore drove up her energy use. That is when she started looking at the benefits of double-glazed windows.

Double-glazing Advantages

When you choose double glazing, you can realise the following advantages:

  • The windows act as insulation, and they capture the heat or cold escaping from a home in the summer or winter. Therefore, the furnace does not work harder, as the cooling or heating in the house is contained.
  • The windows decrease the outside sound by as much as 40%. In fact, you can live along a motorway or in the path of air traffic and barely notice the additional noise.
  • The windows do not rattle like single-paned glass when the wind blows or when it snows or rains.

Save Money and Enjoy a Higher Level of Comfort

When the Belvedere resident realised the reason for her interior discomfort, she contacted Belvedere double glazing installers immediately. If you want to enhance your comfort level and save money on your heating or cooling costs, you need to review the benefits of installing double-glazed glass windows and doors. Not only will you feel better mentally and physically, but your bank account balance will fatten up as well.