Home Cameras

You have tried looking for the best home cameras and there are different options you are likely to come across. Which one can you possibly choose? Most people rely on the brands that have gained popularity in terms of home cameras. But, even those brands have multiple models under them.

It takes a lot of time to research before you can finalize on the best home camera to invest in. These are some hardcore investment plans so you have to be careful while making a purchase. Once procured, there is no turning back.

Testing out the home cameras:

You have done your part of checking out the best home cameras that the market has in store and now you are planning to test out the best cameras. There are some simple and easy tricks to follow in this regard.

The comprehensive testing method is crafted on the expertise of the CR in testing TV, cameras and other connected devices. The tests are focused on how quickly the chosen home camera is able to sent alerts to smartphone whenever motion gets detected. The test will also judge the working capability of the video cameras based on their data privacy level, data security, video quality and some smart features like night-vision and more.

  • For the very first response-time test, you need to measure how long it is taking for the camera to detect movement taking place in the view field and sending alerts to your app.
  • For the video doorbells, you need to check how long it takes for a button press to result in smartphone alert. See how long the video doorbell takes to show you a live video feed.
  • Now for covering the video-quality test, you will set multiple resolution charts in a room with daily objects and some mannequins as regular people.
  • Now, you need to check how clear the video quality is in good light, zero light and in low light.
  • The engineers have proudly designed this test for exposing some of the weak spots come across in cameras. It can be related to software, lens or the sensor.
  • They will add different backlighting levels too to lighting up the scenario. All these tests clearly portray if you are able to clearly see objects or people within the given frame.
  • The results of such tests will appear in the final video-quality score for every wireless camera and video doorbells.

You need to buy home cameras after you have done your part of testing out the basic features. It helps you to differentiate the best models from others. Branded models are a bit towards the costly side but worth the investment because of the high-end security you get from them.

The price point:

The home cameras price will always remain within your budget plan, once you have determined to purchase the model online. Online stores have great discounted deals, which are subject to change from time to time.

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