So you have decided to install chandelier or replace the current ones? You are on the right path. The chandelier lights are designed to deliver a unique sense of style and opulence in your living space. This post is a comprehensive guide that will help you understand everything about chandelier lamps.

Determining the right size of the chandelier for your space

To know the right size of your preferred chandelier, you should calculate the length (feet) of room and add the width (feet) of the room. The answer you get in feet is the size of the chandelier in inches. See the equation below.

Length (feet) + width (feet) = chandelier (inches)

The target with chandelier lights is picking the pieces that provide a unique sense of balance and style. Therefore, it should be approximately one foot narrower compared to the dining table under it.

The ideal white chandelier lamp height

To establish the right point to hang chandelier lights, it is important to check the room height and multiply by 3 or 2.5. This is the approximate height of the ceiling. Then, the height of the contemporary ceiling lights will depend on the location under consideration. Here is an outline of the ideal heights for various locations:

  • Over a dining table: The chandelier lights should be about 32 inches to 34 inches above the table.
  • Over the floor: If you want to install the best modern chandeliers above a floor, consider positioning it about 7feet above the floor.
  • Kitchen Island: Here, the target should be getting the semi flush ceiling lights close enough to provide ample lighting. However, do not take it too low to obstruct your sight. Consider 32-34 inches above the counter to be the ideal height.
  • 2-story foyer: In this case, the target should be placing the chandelier at the eye level when it is viewed from the 2nd

Adjusting the chandelier lights to the perfect height

The original design of chandeliers comprised of a wire and chain of 10-feet and 6-feet respectively. Though the measurements will work well in most homes, it is possible to make adjustments to hit your ideal height. Here is how to make the adjustments:

  • Chains: The chains are joined to make addition and removal easy. To make an adjustment, simply add/subtract some links to shorten or extend the lamp length.
  • Downnrods: Most of the top modern chandeliers are designed with varying length downrods that can be combined to hit the ideal hang height. Because the downrods have threaded ends for easy attachment, they should never be cut!

NOTE: If you are unsure of how to make adjustments to your chandelier lights, it is advisable to contact an electrician.

Important facts about modern or vintage chandeliers

To pick the right chandelier lamps for your home, here are some important factors you need to know:

  • Chandeliers are not designed for whole house lighting: Though crystal ceiling lights are very attractive when installed correctly, they are meant for decoration purposes. Therefore, they cannot be used for direct lighting on their own.
  • You can select chandelier lights with LED technology: The LED technology has advanced so much and users can select LED chandelier lamps. LED designs are preferred because of their efficiency and reliability.
  • You can upgrade a chandelier to CFL or LED: If you want to upgrade a chandelier (retrofitting), it is possible depending on its design. You only need to simply buy the retrofit and fix it on the holders. However, you need to keep in mind that another dimmer might be required if the chandelier was wired to a dimmer.