The guttering and downpipes provide an essential pathway for excess rain water to drain away, and should it not be up to the task, some serious damage could occur. Think of it another way, a blocked gutter cause the rivers to bust its banks, and rainwater will cascade down your exterior walls, and you certainly don’t want that.

  • Wide and Shallow – This is the best design, as it offers the least chance of a blockage, as there is nothing for leaves and twigs to get hold of, and if you were looking for a new roof in Oxford, this would be the style of guttering that would be most effective.
  • Best Materials – Most roofers will tell you that stainless steel takes some beating, and there are attractive UPVC designs that are extremely functional. Of course, aesthetics play a part in your guttering selection, and if installed professionally, the guttering and downpipes should last for many years.
  • Keeping the Walls Dry – This is the primary role of guttering, as the rain runs straight down the pitched roof to the bottom of the roof line, and then it finds itself in the guttering, which channels it away to the waiting downpipes. If the guttering is blocked, the rain water will still flow, and rather than going along the guttering, it will simply discharge over the side and down your exterior walls.

Guttering performs a critical task, and without it, your roof would be seriously compromised. It needs to be cleaned out regularly, to ensure a smooth flow of water.