Thinking about using self-storage in Camden? It’s a great solution to many storage problems, whether you’re moving to a new house, a student that needs temporary storage over the summer, or a business that needs storage for stock overflow or various documents.

However, it’s important to understand that self-storage is not just a case of dropping your belongings off and leaving them there. You want to prepare all your stuff and ensure they are properly stored to ensure they remain safe and secure.

Here are some useful tips for using self-storage in Camden:

Organise Everything First

Before moving your things into the self-storage in Camden, we recommend taking the time to organise everything first. This allows you work out what you need to store, what you can throw out, and what you want to keep.

Organise your things by their value too, as this lets you know what needs the most care when packing and moving. Mark them as fragile or valuable so you remember to handle properly and give them priority when transporting things into the unit.

Wrap What You Can

Covering your belongings with any type of wrapping material is a great way to keep them protected. This includes boxed and unboxed items, giving the chance to cover them with a protective layer to keep out various things such moisture and dust.

Plastic wrap is a good option for this, being very flexible and durable, but you can easily use an old pair of bedsheets as a makeshift dust cover. Add extra wrapping – preferably bubble wrap- around fragile items if storing them.

Pack Boxes Properly

Stacking boxes of your possessions is a good way of maximising space in the self-storage unit. But you want to make sure that you are stacking everything correctly and that no box is overstuffed, otherwise they may end up collapsing and damaging your possessions.

Don’t make the mistake of overfilling your boxes to try and save space, as the boxes are more likely to burst and fall over. On the other hand, stacking boxes that don’t have much stuff in them can also cause issues such as collapsing, especially if placed at the bottom of a stack.

Furthermore, stack boxes in the right order – heaviest goes at the bottom of the stack with the lightest on top.

Try to Use Similar Sized Boxes

It’s easy to grab any box you can for free but this may not be a good idea for your self-storage. For example, if most of your boxes are different shapes and sizes then they become more difficult to stack properly, increasing the risk of them falling over or becoming crushed.

Try finding similar sized boxes for even stacking and storage – it allows you to get the most out of the storage space while keeping things safe and secure.

Use Labels

Make sure to label every box and item to make sure that you know exactly where it is. This means you can quickly grab what you need from storage without having to rummage through dozens of boxes. Apply fragile labels to anything that needs to ensure you handle them properly – it’s easy to forget what valuables are inside a box after leaving it in storage for so long.