Digital TV has certainly transformed the way that we look at the screen. This, along with High Definition TV and the capacity to stream just about anything we want from the web means that the TV and media consumption landscape has significantly changed! But do you have the equipment to take advantage of this new technology?

Do You Need a New Aerial?

The fact is that you might not be able to take advantage of all of the new digital TV services that are on offer. With more choice than ever before on a variety of new digital networks, it is important to be able to watch them without interruption. How is the health of your TV aerial?

Here’s what can happen when you lack the right TV aerial and the right connection for digital and high definition TV watching:

  • The video signal becomes choppy and blocky
  • The video signal freezes
  • The audio is chopped up and there may be high pitched noise interruptions
  • There may be no signal at all for some channels

The good news is that quality TV aerial installations in Poole can fix all of these issues for you.

A New Aerial for a New Digital Age

If you want to take full advantage of digital TV, you may need a brand new aerial. You may even find that your existing aerial has been damaged in the most recent storm or high wind and needs fixing. In either case, this is where an aerial installation company can help.