The city of Manchester is characterised as diverse, youthful, and bursting with energy and character. For tourists, they’d find the locals very warm and welcoming towards them, making Greater Manchester is truly the most exciting places to visit in the UK.

For those who are looking to rent or buy a new home, the cost of living in the city center may be higher. For example, renting a one-bedroom apartment in the city center would cost around £800, while a 3-bedroom apartment costs around £1200. Rates outside the city center may drop significantly, with 1-bedroom apartments priced around £500 and 3-bedroom apartments are only about £800.

If you’re looking for a place to live outside the city center, then a good option is to go look for apartments or houses in nearby villages and towns.


Compared to the rest of UK, Altrincham has a 5/10 cost of living score (1 is the highest; 10 the lowest). This means Altrincham’s cost of living is 3.5 less than other places, making it one of the most premier areas to live in Greater Manchester. If you like areas with lots of leafy surroundings from which you can easily commute to the city center, then Altrincham may be a great choice.


Eccles’ cost of living score is 7, meaning it is 8.4% less compared to the cost of living in other areas in UK. This means cheaper housing, making it a great choice for young professionals. The commute to Greater Manchester is quick by train, and you can also commute easily to nearby areas such as Monton.

Hazel Grove

Hazel Grove is a great place to live, that’s if you don’t mind the long traffic around the shopping area. The people there are nice, and there are great public transport systems that get you to nearby areas easily, including the city center of Greater Manchester.

It has a nice countryside touch, but the number of commercial establishments around can mean that you can get what you need without having to travel too far. If you’d love to live in a quiet place that has only a fair amount of bustle, then Hazel Grove may be your best bet.


Another village in which affordable living options can be found is Gatley, where a number of cafes, restaurants, and bars can be found. If you take a look at the houses for sale Gatley, there’s a fair number of Commute to Manchester from Gatley is significantly easy via the A34 train line, which is something young professionals would appreciate in this village. More importantly, getting to Manchester Airport only takes 9 minutes, something frequent flyers would appreciate.


According to an article in the Manchester Evening News, Sale has been recognized as the 4th best place to live in the entire UK for the following reasons: schools, the community, and affordable housing.

For people starting families, having good schools around are important. You’ll find schools such as St. Joseph’s RC and Sale Grammar School that’ll help shape your kids for their future.

The locals here also have a sense of community, adding to the warmth of living in Sale. More importantly, Sale’s affordable housing is what makes it an enticing residential area for both families and working professionals.