Creating a vibrant living space for the outdoors is much easier than one thinks. An aesthetic, as well as functional patio, can be designed without hiring a professional and by following a set of some simple rules. By adding an outdoor spa, kitchen, or living room; the exterior space works as the extension of one’s home. Lightings, fireplaces and fire pits also enhance the beauty and classiness of the home one lives in.

Here are a few patio design ideas which will transform the ordinary patio into the hanging garden of Babylon, quite literally.

  • Let there be light in the trees: Most people forget about their trees because those trees are often left in darkness. From candles to Christmas lights, there are a plethora of creative makeovers to make them little brighter.
  • Not forgetting about the heaters: Harsh winters should not discourage one to spend quality time with friends and family in the outdoors. Outdoors heaters are widely available in the market, and there is one for every budget.
  • Games people play: Reserving a dedicated space for sports in the yard will entertain both kids and the adults.
  • Ice age: It is a smart idea to make an ice chest for the scorching summers. With or without alcohols, it is a head-turner for sure.
  • Mirror, mirror, on the wall: Mirrors create an instantaneous and substantial effect on the ambiance. A mirror, no matter how big or small may it be, help to make an area look more prominent. There are numerous designs readily available in the market to suit one’s taste and preference.
  • Water, water, everywhere: Incorporating a water source like a pond or a fountain is not something which could be done overnight. However, it is worth investing time and money for such projects in the backyard, and readily generates lots of curiosity and surprise from the visitors.
  • Umbrella, a giant one: Perhaps, the simplest way to cover a significant portion of the patio is to install an insanely big umbrella. Ordinary umbrellas will not be able to offer protection to large furniture like chaise lounge trio.
  • Artworks: Sculptures and hanging artworks adds more life and positivity to the opted theme for outdoor makeovers.
  • String theory: String lights are pretty small, and hence, they are the perfect fit for lighting the outdoors. The variety and versatility of spring lights have made them the first choice to decorate both the indoors and the outdoors.
  • Swing: An outdoor swing helps one to de-stress and relax. It is a must-buy for spending the cozy evenings with special someone.
  • Rocks: Large rocks require zero or little maintenance around the year. They can be pretty easily integrated into the landscape and looks very beautiful.
  • Fire: According to most outdoor designers, fire is more appealing than water. Modern fire pits make good use of propane, and hence, offer more flexibility and mobility.
  • Archways: An archway is one such architectural design element that provides a fluidic transition from one area in the outdoors to another.
  • Birdhouse: Empty walls can be decorated with birdhouses to instill the organic element in the chosen theme for an outdoor makeover.