Are you someone who is looking forward to take a step closer to sustainable living? If answered yes and if you’re motivated enough to make such sustainable changes to your room or house, bamboo is certainly the go-to material for bed linen, homewares, clothing and also building materials. Bamboo is gradually gaining popularity in these areas and people are being taken aback to consider the idea of bamboo being used in making pillows and bedsheets.

So, in case you’re watching out for more ways for a greener home, it is better to switch to bamboo bed sheets as they’re not only suitable but also affordable and simple. If you are wondering about how to wash bamboo sheets, you should wash them in cold water and at a low temperature. Here are few reasons to choose bamboo bed linens instead of other materials this New Year.

Reason #1: Bamboo has got thermoregulating features

Bamboo bedsheets aren’t just good for summer nights but they also tend to be the most versatile form that can be used in any season. In winter, it keeps you warm and in summer it keeps you cool. Bamboo has got properties of regulating the temperature of your body and this feature of bamboo sheets have the capability of drawing humidity and absorbing the same and this lets you cool down during summer nights. Regardless of the season, the bamboo sheets will help you get a calm and sound sleep.

Reason #2: Bamboo sheets are made of breathable materials

During summer nights, not being able to sleep properly is one of the biggest issues for people who feel extremely hot. This problem gets even graver when you sleep on the wrong bedsheet. There are clingy bedsheets which stick to your skin when you sweat. This is the reason why you should think of changing your bed linen to bamboo sheets. They allow your skin to feel the air and let the sweat to evaporate from your skin. This is a useful property which lets your skin breathe thereby preventing the fabric from sticking to your body.

Reason #3: Bamboo sheets have anti-bacterial properties

Bamboo is one among those few plants which don’t attract too many germs and pests. In fact the healthy bamboos never manifest any pest as they have the power of resisting germs and other bacteria. The bedsheets which are crafted from bamboo have the capability of preventing the growth of bacteria and it also bars development of mold, yeast and fungus. This helps you let go of the foul odors and also prevents yellowing the fabric.

Reason #4: Bamboo sheets are durable

Bamboo plants are flexible and they’re naturally tough due to the fact that they’re made from bamboo and hence they can easily survive the toughest of storms. These are properties which are already present in the fabric since the manufacturing process.

Hence, if you’re still considering whether or not to shift to bamboo bed linen, you should keep in mind the above listed reasons to make the switch as soon as possible.