It’s nice to come home to a warm and cosy home during the winter months, but it’s even nice to come home to a great looking woodturning stove. While it is true that you could go out and get yourself any old heating equipment, a wood burning stove combines the charm of a real fire with the modern thinking behind many energy saving and space saving appliances.

What Are The Benefits?

Maybe you’re wondering why you should invest in Lymington woodburning stoves in 2018 when there are other options available? Here are some benefits of a modern wood burning stove that might just surprise you:

  • Energy efficient: We’re all concerned with energy efficient these days, especially with the price of electricity and ecological concerns. The good news is that modern stoves are actually very energy efficient. As the wood burns, the iron of the stove itself absorbs it and distributes it to the surrounding environment. This means that nearly all of the energy of the wood is released as heat energy, making it energy efficient.
  • Nearly carbon neutral: In today’s environmentally concerned culture, it is important that we reduce our carbon dioxide emissions. The carbon dioxide produced by a wood burning stove is roughly equivalent to the carbon dioxide that was already absorbed by the tree. This means that it is an almost carbon neutral activity, which makes it far better than using electrical heating solutions.

Enjoy the Charm of a Real Fire

If you have been feeling chilly during the winters, why not consider a real wood burning stove? It’s energy efficient and quite charming.