Often you find yourself in a situation to access the rooftop for many reasons. You should know the safe ways to access the roof without taking much risk. Usually, to decorate outdoors or to access the roof or gutters you, require roof access ladder or a platform tower.

Have you ever heard about the roof access ladder? If not, then you need to understand more about roof ladder. This kind of ladder will always come in handy, particularly when you require having your roof fixed or doing jobs which require you to climb on your roof. It looks like the conventional ladder used at home but with the very minimal yet evident difference in terms of appearance.

Roof access ladders have two hooks on end, which are purposely designed to allow them to be securely fastened at the roof’s peak. The hooks technically will enable the ladder to be firmly fixed in place. The ladder users will be able to move freely without worrying about their safety.

While the hooks rest on the steep pinnacle of the roof, the roof access ladder can be conveniently moved up and down when necessary. So generally, the roof ladder will look as if it is hanging on the roofing sheets, but its base is firmly supported by itself. It might be quite hard to imagine if you haven’t seen one yet, but its appearance is not far from the other types of ladders. The only thing different is the hooks intended for secured roof attachment.

Like with various types of ladders, those meant for roofs are also sold in various kinds. With that in mind, you have to acquaint yourself with the available options before making the actual purchase. Doing so will allow you to evaluate which type will utterly suit you the best care. One of the common type used by many homeowners is the roof access ladder with retractable hooks. The retractable design permits the hooks to slide back into the ladder when not in use, in turn, allows for easy and convenient storage.

Meanwhile, there are also roof ladders that come with permanent hooks, which mean that they cannot be adjusted nor retracted. Depending on where you intend to use the ladder, you can either opt for one with retractable or permanent hooks. The decision is all up to you. But, there are some cases that you may need to use roof access ladders that have permanently extended hooks to ascertain a secure fit.

You should also know that some manufacturers sell separate ladder hooks which can be affixed on standard roof access ladders that you might already have at home. These hooks can be attached and detached from the ladder whenever you want to.

When using such kind of roof access ladder, safety should always be your top concern. Bear in mind that accessing the roof is very dangerous and might lead to catastrophic accidents when not done correctly. That said, make sure that you are using a reliable and efficient roof access ladder that warrants safe use.