There are times when you may be met with water that seems to be coming from nowhere. You may look under the sink and see a mysterious drip, or you may see a little water coming through the ceiling from your upstairs bathroom. This can be unsettling when you first see it. Help can be on the way, however, when you call a plumber that offers same day or emergency services. Your plumber can help determine the type of leak that you are dealing with.

Incoming Leaks

Incoming leaks release water from pipes that bring the clean water into the home. At times, this may be an issue with a connection or a worn-out pipe. Even though this is clean water, it can still cause a large amount of damage if it spreads. Take notice of when water is dripping. If it is only leaking when you are running a faucet, the washer, or the dishwasher you may have an incoming leak.

  • Aging pipes
  • Dripping water
  • Cracked pipes

Outgoing Leaks

An outgoing leak may occur for the same reasons of an incoming leak; however, the solution is different. Water may leak under the sink or out of the pipes below the toilet. These leaks are often due to failed seals or cracks in pipes. Call on the best plumbing company in Kingston to remedy the problem.

A plumber needs to trace the origin of the leak. This is often not apparent, as water follows a path along pipes, ceilings, and walls. Plumbing companies usually respond quickly to active leaks.