Double-glazed windows are essential in a country where the wintertime can drop below zero degrees. The insulation provided by double glazing is great and will even save on electrical bills. But if your double glazing is looking a little worn and tired, it might be time to invest in something new.

When to Call the Glaziers

The good news is that if your double-glazed windows need replacing, a company that specialises in double glazing in BR4 has you covered. So, how do you know when to have them replaced? Consider the following:

  • Inefficiency: The reasons why double glazing is so effective is because it cuts down on the loss of thermal energy through the windows. This means that the house is kept warmer and is well insulated against the cold outside. If you notice that your electrical bills have increased and it’s harder to keep certain rooms warmer, it could be because your double-glazed windows are not working effectively. In this case, it’s time for some new ones.
  • Damage: Over time, old double-glazed windows will show wear and tear. Sometimes the panes of glass move and come away from the frames. Sometimes the frames themselves move and damage the glass. In these cases, they might not be doing the job that they are supposed to do.

Always Call the Experts

If your double-glazed windows have seen better days, it might be time to have them replaced. Double glazing that is installed to the highest standards will save you money and keep you warm.