Of course, when we talk about flooring, everyone loves the look and feel of solid timber or natural stone, yet the cost of such flooring is astronomical. If you had your heart set on a hardwood floor, but find the prices too high, luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) were created with you in mind. Not only does it look and feel like real timber, LVT from a local vinyl tiles supplier in Walsall is totally waterproof and can be installed on almost any substrate.

How is LVT Made?

Luxury vinyl tiles are made from a multi-layered composite, where the layers are criss-crossed for added strength, and those layers consist of:

  • Special Cork Backing – Which makes the floor silent when walked upon.
  • Composite Core – Made from compressed wood shavings.
  • Decorative Layer – A high-resolution digital image of timber, stone or slate finishes.
  • Final Protective Membrane – Scratch and scuff resistant to maintain a shine.

Stunning Finishes

Thanks to hi-res digital images, your vinyl flooring can look like real timber or stone, and with many different finishes to choose from, there’s something for everyone. Whether you love the look of seasoned mahogany or Italian marble, the choices are almost unlimited.

Perfect for High Traffic Areas

LVT is extremely durable, making it ideal for both kitchens and bathrooms, or any other room in the house. LVT is so affordable, you can have the entire house re-floored, and once installed, LVT really is a fit and forget solution.

Talk to your local vinyl supplier today and see what he has to offer.