Jute is a golden fiber, rough and long, with functional similarity to the hemp and the flex. This golden fiber is extensively used in making the Burlap and also the Hessian fabric, which are later used in making of the rucksacks. Jute on the other hand, is extensively used in making of area rugs, carpets, and even curtains.  One of the reasons why jute rugs are preferred over the usual synthetic fabrics is that these rugs are biodegradable in nature. The rugs can be quickly recycled. But before you may even start using jute rugs for your home or office, it is necessary to understand how you are going to maintain these golden fiber rugs?

Maintaining the Jute Rugs

Here are few points that you should keep in your mind, when you are using the rugs made out from the jute:

Maintenance Point#1

Keep the rug dry –Humid surroundings in your home or around will have bad impact on the rugs made from jute. These rugs are going to lose the durability. Humidity results in growth of mould and mildew, and these will start eating the fiber gradually, thread by thread. In case you want to apply water on the rugs, it is essential to get them vacuum cleaned.  In any situation if water is added to the dirt, which is trapped inside the rug, there are possibilities of development of permanent stains.

Maintenance Point#2

Vacuum clean the rug at least twice in a week –Dry cleaning of jute rugs is always preferred, and for this purpose you need to go for the suction vacuum, which has a beater bar attached to it. Use the handle of vacuum in different directions and gently as this will remove the dirt and debris. Since jute fibers have natural softness, these may experience some durability problems over a period of time, if proper dry cleaning is not undertaken.

Maintenance Point#3

Do not wash it water very often – Washing the jute rug with water is going to lower the quality and shelf life of the rug. More significant to consider out here is that washing the rug indoors and that too frequently may lead to suffocation as humidity is created within the rooms. In this way, it becomes difficult for inhabitants to breathe.

Maintenance Point#3

Clean the spots and spills on jute rug very gently – You do not have to be rough when cleaning the spot or spill on the jute rug. One of the ways of cleaning would be to clean it with either white cloth or paper towel, gently from the outside of the rug, and then moving inside. The spill should be blot, until all the moisture is left out.

Keeping the above points in your mind, you now have a fair idea as to how you can take care of your favourite Floorspace jute rugs and keep them going for ages. Remember, it is very important that you maintain the rugs for long and sustainable use. In this way, you are going to keep them maintained too.