When was the last time that you took a good look at your roof? The fact is that most people don’t know what they are looking for when it comes to a roof that is damaged. Indeed, most people simply get on with their lives and assume that everything is okay. The problem is that a roof that is letting in rain water can cause some pretty serious and potentially expensive problems.

What Happens When the Rain Gets Inside?

Here are just a few things that can happen when the rainwater gets in through a crack or hole in the roof:

  • The rain water pools on top of the ceiling and causes damage to it, leaking through and even becoming an ideal growth area for black mould,
  • The water can damage electrical wiring and may even cause short circuits in the home or a roof fire,
  • The water may start to rot the wooden battens that hold up the roof and possibly even the walls of the home.

The good news is that experienced roofers in Harrogate can address your roof issues before it’s too late, as long as you recognise the signs of damage. Leaving a leaky roof can lead to much more expensive problems that need to be repaired.

Always Call Out an Expert

The last thing that you want as a homeowner is to deal with water damage as a result of a leaky roof. If you notice any dislodged or broken tiles, holes in the eaves, or other signs, make sure that you call a roofer as soon as possible.