As time passes, the average family home hides a multitude of unwanted items, and it is only when you decide to have a clear-out that you realise just how much stuff you have accumulated. Don’t make the mistake of having a thorough spring clean without taking into account the rubbish you have generated since the last clean out.

Typical Household Waste

The following items are likely to be hiding in that spare room or under the stairs:

  • Device and appliance packaging – Foam, plastic and cardboard boxes.
  • Broken or unwanted devices and appliances – Toys, gadgets and devices that no longer work.
  • Old and unwanted furniture – Chairs, tables and cabinets are often no longer used.

Prior to starting the clean out, call up your local house clearance company in Coulsdon and they will collect all of your waste, and what cannot be recycled, will be responsibly disposed of.

Choose a Dry Weekend

Select a covered area in the garden and designate this as the place for everything you no longer want. Plastic bin liners can be put to good use, and when you have everything out of the house, call the house clearance specialists, who will remove all your unwanted items for an affordable price.

Work One Room at a Time

Professional domestic cleaners work one room at a time, and by taking a leaf out of their book, your home will soon be decluttered and as clean as a whistle. This is a great opportunity to have the carpets deep cleaned, which will leave your interior looking great and smelling fresh.