The ancient Egyptians are storied for their uncanny construction abilities that led to the Great Sphinx, Karnak, Abu Simbel temples, and, of course, the Great Pyramid of Giza. But did you know that they were also the first generation of roofing visionaries?

While other civilisations were contending with sieve-like roofs made from turf and sod, the Egyptians assembled steadfast slab flat roofs and fabricated window coverings from plant stalks to protect householders from all forms of Mother Nature’s fury.

Modern Roofing Necessitates Some Additional Complexity and Involvement

The golden standard for roofing lifespans nowadays is 30 years but a great quantity of latter-day materials begin to run aground before reaching their 20th birthdays. So, how do we hit the lofty ambition of squeezing three decades out of a roof?

Here’s how the qualified roofing services in Dudley can help you double or even triple the manufacturer’s warranty of new tiles:

  • Permanently attach roof boots on the base of unconcealed components and fit flashings wherever the gradient changes and meets another plane (otherwise known as valleys or seams)
  • Affix rain shields, ice shields, gutter partitions, and bespoke drip edges to discourage the buildup of frozen water, pooling water, and organic sediment
  • Prevent dry rot by way of a ridge vent or alternative airflow system based on the format of the upper architecture

You may also want to consider attaching two or three additional downpipes to your gutters and perhaps extending the length of the ground-level exit channel to further cocoon your building.

How Much Will These Inclusions Actually Help Me?

When stood in comparison with a plain, tile-only roofing system, the abovementioned brigade of supplementary ramparts can take a 20-year warranty and bump it up by another 10 years or more; don’t overlook these structural add-ons.